Police Searching for Two More Suspects in Frayser Carjacking (Video)

Incident Overview

Memphis Police are actively searching for two additional suspects involved in a carjacking incident in Frayser. The incident occurred earlier today, where a mother and her two children were carjacked at gunpoint.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance video shows the suspects approaching a gas station. Initially, three suspects are seen, but all four are visible when the camera angle switches. One suspect is seen aiming a gun at the mother in front of her children.

Victims’ Compliance

The suspects commanded the family to exit the car, which they did. The suspects then took the vehicle but did not get far as the car ran out of gas shortly afterward.

Police Response

Approximately 30 minutes after the carjacking, the vehicle was spotted by police near Richmond and New Allen. The suspects attempted to flee, initiating a police chase. The chase ended at the intersection of Lawyer and Well, where the suspects abandoned the car and fled on foot.

Arrests Made

Police arrested two of the suspects, both identified as 16-year-old males. The remaining two suspects are still at large.

Previous Issues at Location

The incident took place at the Easy Express gas station, a location previously shut down temporarily by the Shelby County District Attorney due to repeated illegal activities, including drug sales and violent crimes.

Call for Public Assistance

Police are requesting anyone with information about the incident to contact Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH. The investigation remains ongoing as authorities continue to search for the remaining suspects.

Current Status

The family involved in the carjacking has declined to speak on camera but confirmed they are unharmed. The search for the two additional suspects continues.


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