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Priest Calls Hell Fake, Religion Control (Video)

With religion and the numerous church scandals taking place, many are already thinking twice about the concept. Now here comes the first Priest I have EVER seen that readily admits hell is a concept made up by the church to control people with religion. Imagine that?  Originally posted December 6, 2011.


  1. Wishing J. Anthony Brown the best in his future endeavors. I’m ba Steve Harvey fan, so I didn’t listen to Tom Joyner’s morning show; but I’va always liked J.

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  3. From a prophetic dreamer of entire life with no prior knowledge of theology or the Holy Bible..God gave me many dreams and one was the place called Hell.. it’s very real..God did right by choosing me to see and feel places only the Holy Bible speaks of…I received my blessing after I finally convinced a Monsignor of my gift from our All Mighty God.

  4. This man is only right about one thing. Religions are to control people. However, Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven. We don’t go to heaven because of our good deeds because according to scripture, we are all as filthy rags and we are not good. We go to to heaven by believing in Jesus the son of God. This man will find out about hell for being a false shepherd and leading a flock to slaughter. May God have mercy.

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