Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Related Posts EXCLUSIVE: Audio of J Anthony Brown Quitting the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS)

This morning Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) vet comedian J Anthony Brown walked out of the LA recording studio where he does the show and stated “I’m Quitting.” Brown is still under contract with Reach Media (Tom Joyner and Radio One’s company) so the company is trying to set up a meeting to resolve the issue. has obtained audio of the exchange.  Here is J Anthony Brown quitting the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) . This was all done during a break off the air.

What’s Next for Tom Joyner Show?

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  1. I can’t say I blame J. Anthony Brown. If others have gotten more salary, and a new addition is expected to come in and make more than a tenured personality, then I would walk as well. Negotiations should be in order, or the plan was to release him anyway. Why put off the inevitable?

  2. I personally listen to show because of Jay. He is so funny. I hope he returns, and if he doesn’t I am not sure the show can survive without a comedian.

  3. They should axe Huggy Lowdown’s bit, it is no the least bit funny and excruciatingly corny!!! Tom makes it even worse…with that FAKE laughing!! #bringjanthonyback

  4. Sad to see him go, but apparently he wasn’t being appreciated and taken seriously. That much is evident by the laughter and not taking his words seriously. And if there are deals in play that exclude him, whether financially or otherwise then why not beat them to the punch and walk. I would rather walk than to have it out there that I was ‘let go’. Personally I find him funnier at times than Tom Joyner, I understand that Tom is the headliner of the show, but his pay should be comparable seeing as how he brings much to the show himself. Hate to see him leave.

  5. I applaud JAB for quitting exactly the way he did. The show took away almost all of who he is as a comedian. I listen to how he tries to hold back some of his comments, just to not offend people. Yet, that’s the best part about comedy. It makes matters more relatable by bringing the funny out of them. I lost it for the show when they took away his characters. Reverend Brother Deacon Doctor Doug and the Italian with the tight tight pants! Just those two were enough for me to listen in hopes that they would make an appearance from time to time. Take good God care of yourself JAB! It gets greater later. GTG

  6. Yes Huggy sucks!!! Jay was awesome from beginning to the end & Tom over the years has become funny because of Jay. They gel well . Sorry it’s over. I personally think R.R. is corny…always have been ijs

  7. Are you kidding? You’re talking about Radio One. They’ve raped more employees than Bill Cosby (allegedly) With the egos on the TJMS, I’m surprised they didn’t self destruct sooner. We’ve all seen the handwriting on the wall for years. I’m sure Cantor approached Tom and suggested it was time to pull the plug, sell what you can, cash out and bail. Tom took the money and decided to stay. Jay took a pay cut because he had to. Can to r’s not stupid. He didn’t sign o n to takeover Reach Media and go straight into llitigation for breach of contract. They should have exited gracefully; instead they look like fools.

  8. Not a TJ fan at all. In the beginning, I listened because I wanted to support my peeps and the show was alright. It has rapidly gone downhill primarily because TJ has sold his soul. Real talk. One someone gets accustomed to making the $ and living the life, it don’t take much to sway them. One reason I have SO MUCH RESPECT for Dave Chappelle. He said, ‘You can get da feen-ga… The middle.

  9. Why the hell hate on “Huggy Lowdown”because J ANTHONY BROWN QUIT! I believe he quit because there isn’t any loyal with those people, Tom has made so many bad business move, it was only right for J to move on. But stop talking ish and smack trying to ruin someone who had nothing to do with it.

  10. He said he was tired and they could have this mess….as he telling them he was quitting they were laughing like it was a game or joke…..but they knew it was real when he turned that mic off….he got his reasons for quitting I’m sure….

  11. Trying to silence our voices across the whole board. I’m sure the show will be replaced with some gay male/hood female/and a lame comedian. And they will steer intelligence & energy from serious issues and direct it towards material foolish coonery nonsense…watch ?. That’s the agenda they have for us in entertainment.

  12. This is the beginning of the end of the show it was already rumored the shows going away when Obama leave……. Sad now we have to deal with fake shows Steve Harvey, D.l. Hughley…. Oh well black media had a good run it was a good combination…R.I.P TJMS

  13. I am a grown man and saying that if my boss were to cut my pay in half as I have seen it be reported they should be expecting me to quit shortly thereafter regardless of whether I have something lined up or nor. Now those circumstances considered I think he went out in a very respectable manner cause had it been me after all this time it woulda been some smoke in the city….the man working the , “bleep” button would have made overtime today!!!!!

  14. J made the Show worth listening to! As for huggy….. Uuuggghhh!!! Corny!!! Won’t be listening to Tom anymore after this! Hate Steve Harvey show cause he’s so loud, arrogant and thinks he knows everything but love nephew Tommie and the ladies! So Ricky my ears are all yours every morning!!!

  15. Yes J makes the show. If I dont hear his voice I’m really disappointed. J makes my day. (no homo) J Anthony Brown ain’t no spring chicken. So leaving aburptly as he did meant he’s not worried about his future. Without a doubt he has the means to leave. With todays decision he gave the company as just as much respect as they gave him about his salary.

  16. i respect tom joyner for the work he does on behalf of black people in this country,and he is a great philanthropist, but he and sybil are total sellouts and say some of the stupidest shit ever on the air. hats off to J Anthony Brown for standing up for himself and doing what he felt he needed to do. i for one only listened to hear j anthony brown anyway, and i surely won’t tune in to hear those sellouts tom and sybil.

  17. I thought I was the only one who was not a fan of Huggy and Chris Paul. I love it when J murders a hit. Glad they were able to negotiate the issues. Sometimes you have to make a stand.

  18. If he felt the way he did then he should have stayed his arse at home and just not come in. Or personally with Tom said, I quit, not on air. How unprofessional. People don’t have ethics or a code for conduct anymore. That’s why i believe we are living in our last days!!

  19. It’s over. I will not be listening to Russ Parr on 102.3. TJMS got me going in the morning. Listened to TJMS on my morning walk at 6:00. Shame on Cathy Hughes and Radio One. They moved Tom Joyner to 1450 AM. Who can get that radio station. All you hear is static They put on Donnie Simpson in DC…why. He is stuck in the past. I don’t listen to him or Huggy. Too much Huggy Lowdown all day. Bad move Radio One. You will see. I don’t blame Jay for quitting. Hey Tom move over to Sirrius radio or another station if you can. We want you back.

  20. J Anthony Brown is one of my favorites. I thought he and Tom Joyner were tight. But, if your friend surprise you when he “drops the mic” like that then, obviously, you weren’t that close. I guess it is/was a superficial relationship as most working relationships are. Hate it.

  21. It’s amazing to read comments saying J. Anthony should have quit like a professional(slave). As though he doesn’t have talent to create his own radio show. Really folks? If a white man did it that way y’all coons wouldn’t have anything bad to say.
    I don’t look at it as him potentially embarrassing his last employer. I look at it as him having the testicular fortitude to not put with less than deserved treatment.
    Ever heard the song, “Take this job and shove it?”
    I’ve had employers to commit blatant discrimination against me and you think it’s wrong and unethical for me to tell them to basically kiss my ass. Ok slave.

  22. If everyone would stop jumping to conclusions and blaming this man for the way he quit and take time to read how he quit I don’t think anybody would have a problem how he quit. He didn’t quit on air he quit off air. Please read and understand all of your facts

  23. Tom is cheap anyway he didn’t Pay Jay his first 5 years. I can see the first year so Jay can prove himself but 5 years. Shows how cheap Tom is.

  24. This man didnt quit the wrong way at all. He was not rude, nor disrespectful. What other professional way is there to quit when they are renewing a contract offering 50% less than you average salary? I am sure if you are working your jobs and you employer comes and says we’re paying you $5.40 and hr instead of your normal $12 you would be livid! He has a business, I am sure he wont be struggling but this is due to the show making changes. It just starts with J Anthony Brown in a unfair way, not to mention this potentially damages the friendship between Brown and Joyner. This sucks. And if him quitting this way causes people to say he didn’t do it right, you might want to do a bit more thinking. People have rights to choose their behaviors, when a person isnt up in arms and acting a fool, yall cant even give him credit for it! What yall expect? What, should he come back and shoot up the place??? Get a grip!

  25. That is sad. I know all to well about unfair treatment on the job. From his tone and the way he just left the show it sounded like he was probably hit with some bad news before going on air. So, his exit may have been from a prior negotiation that came back not in his favor. I hope they work it out because I listen to the show just to hear J.