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Jasmine Sanders can be heard daily on the nationally syndicated D.L. Hughley Show at 2-6p/3-7p 

Jasmine’s got the complete package to succeed in the industry: talent, ambition, humor, charisma, boldness, and beauty. There are certainly times that you come across industry people with some of these traits but rarely ALL of them. We hope you enjoy this great interview as much as we did and we also hope Jasmine is an inspiration to many of our young potential industry female readers who constantly ask us many of the same questions that Jasmine answers here. Enjoy.

KEVIN ROSS: Tell us about your history in radio and how you got started?

JASMINE SANDERS: Well, I got my first job at 92Q/WQQK (Nashville) after sitting in the lobby nearly 5hrs every day for about a wk lol. I had just graduated from Middle Tenn State and my determination was at level 10. I didn’t know anyone there but I showed up every day asking questions trying to learn all I could about the industry.

I eventually met Tony Rankin (Midday guy at the time) who helped me land the gig. Some years later, Keith Landecker offered me the Morning Show Co-hosting slot at WJTT-Chattanooga. He paired me with a “Howard Stern” type of white guy out of Bangor, Maine (Chuck Hamilton) which was a risky move for that market. But it was brilliant and progressive and I’m grateful for it because it helped mold me into the personality I am today.

After a good run, I went back to Nashville and was working in TV when I got a call asking me to return to 92Q/WQQK. I stayed there for a while doing Middays, Mornings and even heading up the Promotions & Marketing Dept. I turned down several job offers during that time opting instead to follow my heart and move to NY in search of my biological mother. I had no idea the move would position me for the Midday spot at WBLS.

After the constant nudge from Mike Kelly to return to radio and the encouragement from my industry sister Tikiya Crawford, I applied for Middays at WBLS. Vinny Brown called me immediately and asked me to audition. I landed the gig while working at Capitol under Ronnie Johnson. Instead of being angry with me about sneaking out to audition, he greeted me upon my return to the office with a congratulatory party. I will always love that guy!! After NY, I had a couple of syndicated radio opportunities that didn’t pan out (The Brian McKnight Afternoon Jam Session, The Skip Murphy Show) before landing The D.L. Hughley Show.

KR: What is it like to be on a nationally syndicated show working with D.L. Hughley?

JS: A-freakin-mazing!!! LOL I pushed and prayed my entire career for this. I couldn’t believe it when I got the call. My excitement shot through the roof when I found out I would be working with DL.

He’s provocative and perspicacious with unique perspectives on almost any subject. Few people can evoke so many emotions to a diverse audience during one show the way he does and I love being part of it. It’s very much like working in an amusement park lol…so many rides, so little time!!

You might even puke a few times but you’ll continue to seek the thrill and love it. He has the uncanny ability to stretch your way of thinking. Now, I’m not saying he’s always right lol but he definitely makes you look at things from another perspective. For the first time in my career, I feel as if I am doing the type of show I’ve always wanted and always knew I could if given the chance. One that’s extremely edgy, educational and above all, entertaining.

KR: Name 3 industry people that you admire most and why?

JS: Mel Jones – He was a guiding light in an industry of darkness. Without his words of guidance, I’m not sure I would have made it this far. He was to me what I now try to be to others, a vessel, a helping hand, a strong shoulder. We don’t have enough people like that anymore. I ran into him a few months back and all I could do was cry thinking about how far I’ve come and how instrumental he was and he didn’t even know it.

Wendy Williams – I have the utmost respect for Wendy and her journey. Against every imaginable odd, she did radio her way and won! She listened to her spirit, read her audience well and delivered. She redefined what it meant to be a female radio personality and is now conquering daytime TV. But what I love most about her is her authenticity. She admits with confidence exactly who she is and she says everything like she means it. Such a rare thing in this industry.

DeDe McGuire – She’s doing what they said women couldn’t do and I love it. She’s dominating radio and smashing all stereotypes of women, especially black women in the industry. Yet she is ever so humble about it. She’s brainy, ballsy, and simply beautiful! She’s a friend in my head.

JS: What advice would you give a young lady entering the radio arena?

Don’t allow yourself to be seduced by compliments or the promises of people “just passing thru”. Stay focused and engaged on what you want and keep your wits about you at all times. Invest in yourself and your craft via money and education. Learn to be your biggest cheerleader. You’ll need it when the cheers of others have gone silent and you’re all alone. Work harder than you ever thought you could and once you reach that point, work harder. And finally, never ever stop believing in YOU.

KR: Name 3 people you would love to interview and what would you ask them about?

JS: Michelle Obama – True sista talk on everything from handing issues with her man to dealing with the spotlight. Real talk!The Dalai Lama – Tips on how to get life RIGHT!Prince – Sex appeal vs Whip appeal LOL O_o

KR: BONUS: Tell us something about you that would surprise us?

JS: I’m an outstanding athlete! I can play almost any sport and be good at it 🙂 #bornstrong


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