Monday, June 24, 2024

Top 5 This Week

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As part of our expansion, I realized there has never been a show that analyzed the radio and music industry FOR the industry. I wanted to get several people together to discuss current events from the past week and here is my first effort. In this episode, Jamillah Muhammed, The Poetess, Paul Porter and me, kevRoss discuss Radio Programmers, The Grammy’s Political Voting structure? The New Hip-Hop, Mix djs being Policed, Stations not up to date on social networks, Lorde on Urban Radio and more. … I invite you to comment and make suggestions as to how we can make this a great segment in . I have really big plans for the show. Email me at [email protected] (listen by clicking the play button below) If you have trouble with the player click HERE to go directly to site to play

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