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If this is first time turning in, then let me let you in on a little secret… covered the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and we have been talking about since we were their last week. After some pondering and a little debating we have come up with our personal Top 10 Must Have Gadgets from CES.

The convention is quite massive so I’m sure there are a few gadgets that could have made our list but we didn’t get to check out personally. Our top ten covers the gadgets we actually got our hands, eyes, and ears on. With that being said, here we go.

10. My Script Calculator

Coming at at number 10, this first gadget isn’t even a gadget. Its actually a free app that Android and iPhone users can download with a simple click. It’s called My Script Calculator and its absolutely awesome! I saw this app in action at the Mobile App Showdown. Beginning with simple addition and progressing through complex equations, MyScript Calculator solved them all with amazing speed and accuracy.

You can use your finger or a stylus to write a problem, even using a question mark for an unknown, and the app instantly transforms your writing into print and provides the correct answer. You can write in additional calculations as you go or erase and start over. This app literally revolutionizes the standard calculator because it actually work how you think as a human.

9. Sony Xperia Z

With the Xperia Z, Sony has come back with a vengeance as a serious competitor in the Android market. Although this years CES had more cellphone cases than actual cellphones on showcase, Sony’s new phone really stood out to us as the next great Android phone. It runs the standard Android Jelly Bean, utilizing a very dynamic and clear 1080p display and its fairly thin but it made our list because this phone is actually WATER PROOF. It was in a fish tank when I saw it and it ran just like it just came out the package.

8. Parrot Zik Headphones

With all the celebrity endorsed headphones on display at CES, the reason the Zik made the list is because they stood out without the huge celebrity endorsement and they are the answer to the all-in-one headphones. Want to listen to some music with quality sound, do it!

Want to have a phone conversation while you drive with noise cancellation , do it! Want to control all the headphone features from you cell phone, do it! Want to have a pair of headphones that have no controls but respond to the touch or your hand and which direction move your finger on the cans, well get the Parrot Zik’s. These headphones are crazy!

7. Tobii Rex Windows 8

Eye-tracking technology is something most of us have seen watching movies like Iron Man and James Bond flicks but the Tobii Rex sensor does it in a way that the consumer can use on a fairly regular basis. Using the technology you will be able to move up and down an Internet Explorer tab or or open an application with no more than a look and the press of a key.

I would say and I saw how amazing it really is but what was more impressive is that Tobii’s plan to get these onto ultrabooks and tablets while keeping the cost fairly low.

6. Intel Convertible Laptop/Tablet

Intel showed off a convertible laptop reference design at CES 2013. As I was walking by, I couldn’t help but notice that the Intel representative running one of the displays detached the keyboard from the monitor and that stopped me in my tracks.

The design includes a fully detachable tablet, with batteries built into both the keyboard dock and the tablet. When docked, the Intel rep stated that the battery life would be 13 hours, allowing users to leave all the cords, cables, and power strips at home. The tablet alone would run for up to ten hours on one charge due to the Atom processor which was designed to conserve energy.

5. LG’s Curved OLED TV

Where do I begin? This is probably the most vivid picture I have ever witnessed on a television and yes it has a slight curve to it. This is a 55″ monster of a television that any sports nut, movie buff, tech geek, or just anybody can appreciate.

As the LG rep explained, the unique new EA9800 model features the industry’s very first curved screen ergonomic design with full Cinema 3D support. With the curved inward screen, the entire surface is equally far from the viewer’s eyes, removing the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and detail loss.

In other words, this TV is AWESOME! But before you get too excited there was no announcement as to when this TV would be on the market.

4. Samsung Curved OLED TV

Well surprise, surprise, surprise, just when LG thought it had the only curved TV at CES, Samsung had to go and do it at the same damn time. These easily could be switched in order but the only reason Samsung is at number 4 is because they say that you can watch two different things at the same time on this television.

Now I didn’t see that when they displayed but if that is true, then that will keep couples from arguing over what to watch on TV. Other than that, the TV are the same size and offer all the same features. Just like the LG TV, Samsung didn’t announce a release date.

3. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

Virtual reality devices have never been a favorite of mine or many other people because the technology behind them is so overly hyped. but the Oculus Rift goggles, which were originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, changed my mind and everyone else around me that got the chance to experience these goggles.

In my Katt Williams voice, “This sh*t right here” is a game changer for all gamers that really wish they could live within the world of their favorite video games. You literally feel as if you are living in the Matrix when you put on these goggles.

2. Pebble Smartwatch

If you are thinking how does a watch beat out curved screen TV’s, virtually reality googles, and detachable tablets, then you have every right to feel that way. But bare with us for a second. Another Kickstarter winner, the Pebble smartwatch features a changeable and very clear display and syncs directly with your phone for quick access incoming calls, email, text messages, and music. Imagine doing all of this from your watch.

It makes wanting to know the actual time a secondary or third option. Its make you feel like a real-life Maxwell Smart or your favorite spy. It beat out the other gadgets on our list because it is smaller , you get more out of it in everyday use, and it’s about to hits the market this month.

1. Marty McFly Nike Shoes

If you don’t know now you know these are the shoes Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly wore in “Back to the Future II” and his shoes could lace themselves and be used to help him accelerate on a flying skateboard. Although Nike was not at CES, they really did release these shoes in 2011 and you can get them for a mere $8000! But these Nikes don’t lace up by themselves and you can’t fly with them. With that being said, all are really trying to say is, have your self a great pair of walking shoes when you go to CES because your feet will thank you later!

With all the walking and trying to see as much stuff as possible, you will wish they had flying shoes on the market which is why good shoes is our Number 1 gadget from the 2013 CES. LOL! Until next year, PEACE!

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