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Savannah Chrisley Speaks After Parents’ Appeals Hearing in Atlanta (Video)


Savannah Chrisley, daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley, spoke to the media following an appeals hearing in Atlanta. The hearing focused on crucial issues regarding witness testimony and potential prosecutorial misconduct.

Court Hearing Overview

Savannah Chrisley expressed uncertainty about the court proceedings but remained hopeful that the judges would take the matter seriously. The primary issue discussed was whether a witness testified falsely and if the prosecution had prior knowledge of this false testimony.

Request for Evidentiary Hearing

The defense team argued for an evidentiary hearing to address the questions surrounding the witness’s testimony. While the current hearing was not an evidentiary one, Savannah and her team are pushing for this next step to resolve their concerns.

Judges’ Questions

The judges posed numerous questions during the hearing, which Savannah appreciated as part of the judicial process. She emphasized the importance of the judges obtaining accurate answers and examining the record closely.

Communication with Parents

Savannah shared that she last spoke to her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, the previous night. They watched the hearing and remain hopeful and prayerful that the judges will recognize the issues within the case records.

Tough Questions for the Prosecution

Savannah acknowledged the judges’ rigorous questioning of the prosecution, which she respected as part of their duty. She believes that a thorough review of the record will reveal the government’s inaccuracies.

Family Support

Throughout this challenging time, Savannah, along with her siblings Chase, Grayson, Chloe, and their grandmother Nanny Faye, have come together and grown closer as a family. They continue to support one another through the ordeal.

Desire for Parents’ Release

Savannah expressed a strong desire for her parents to return home, stating that she wished for their release since their initial incarceration. She criticized the current situation as shameful and called for accountability within the legal system.


The appeals hearing marks a step toward seeking justice for the Chrisley family. Savannah Chrisley remains committed to advocating for her parents’ release and holding the government accountable for any misconduct.


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