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Shelly Tresvant, Ralph Tresvant’s ex Wife, is Doing Fine

Ralph Tresvant’s ex-wife, Shelly Tresvant, is Doing Fine

The firstborn son of New Edition group member and frontman Ralph Tresvant and his former wife Shelly Tresvant reached out exclusively to entertainment blog HSK to counter recent allegations that his mother had hit rock bottom amid a downward spiral of drugs and heartbreak.

shelly tresvant

Shelly Tresvant, 39, separated from the singer amid divorce in 1996 and lost her home ten years later.

She was most recently arrested last summer for probation violation. New Edition is an R&B group formed in Boston in 1978. Mainly performing as a quintet, they are recent recipients of the 2012 Soul Train Lifetime Achievement Award and have achieved numerous platinum and gold records to date.

Shelly Tresvant, best known as Ralph Tresvant’s ex-wife and the lead singer of the R&B group New Edition, has maintained a relatively private life away from the media spotlight. Despite the lack of detailed public information about her, it’s known that she is of African American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Her early life, family background, and educational details remain largely undisclosed​​.

How Did Shelly Tresvant and Ralph Meet

Shelly and Ralph Tresvant’s love story began early, with the couple dating from when Shelly was just 11, eventually marrying in 1993. However, their marriage lasted only three years, ending in 1996 amid rumors of Ralph’s infidelity with Amber Serrano, whom he later married. Ralph Tresvant Jr., their son, has publicly refuted claims that his father was unfaithful during the marriage​​​​.

Post-divorce, Shelly reportedly faced challenges, including struggles with drug and alcohol addiction and rumors of homelessness in Atlanta, although her son has stated that she is recovering. Despite these challenges, she has three children with Ralph: Na’Quelle Ladawn Tresvant, Mariah Tresvant, and Ralph Tresvant Jr., who has kept a relatively low profile​​​​.

Today, Shelly Tresvant is believed to be living a private life in Atlanta, away from the public eye and media scrutiny.

Tresvant, Jr., age 15, states his mother lives a clean and sober lifestyle.

Ralph Tresvant is a multi-faceted American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He’s best known for his soulful vocals as the lead singer of the iconic R&B group New Edition, with whom he scored hits like “Candy Girl” in the 1980s. But Tresvant’s talents extended beyond the group.

He launched a thriving solo career in 1990, with his debut album achieving double platinum status and featuring the smash single “Sensitivity.” Even today, Tresvant remains active in the music world, carrying the torch for R&B as the host of the radio show “Love and R&B.”

“Everybody is caught in their bad moment at some time,” the child elaborated. “My mother had hers,” and people need to let it go.”Elaborating on the need for his mom to have a personal life, he said, “My dad and mom broke up because the chemistry in their relationship died, ” he continues. “My dad never cheated on my mom. My mother is doing well and living a private life in Atlanta.”

New Edition, a renowned R&B group with a significant influence on the music scene for over four decades, is actively performing and engaging with their fans. As of 2024, they have scheduled performances at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas. The group, consisting of Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant, and Johnny Gill, continues to captivate audiences with their timeless hits and energetic performances.

They are set to perform on various dates, including July 3, 5-6, 10, 12-13, October 30, and November 1-2, showcasing their enduring appeal and the cohesive bond that has kept them at the forefront of the R&B genre​​.

What is New Edition Up to Today?

Their journey, from their debut in 1983 with the album “Candy Girl” to their status as one of the most influential and trendsetting R&B groups, is a testament to their talent and hard work. Despite the challenges early in their career, including financial struggles and lineup changes, New Edition has remained a beloved group among fans of all ages.

Their ability to adapt and evolve over the years while still retaining their unique sound and style is what makes their upcoming shows highly anticipated events.​​

For more detailed information on their Las Vegas shows and to purchase tickets, you can visit their page on Ticketmaster or the Wynn Las Vegas website.


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