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Shocking Allegations of Racial Discrimination by American Airlines Employees (video)

In a troubling incident of alleged racial discrimination, three Black passengers have filed a lawsuit against American Airlines.

Shocking Allegations of Racial Discrimination by American Airlines Employees

The lawsuit stems from an incident where the passengers were removed from a flight due to a complaint about body odor. This case has garnered significant attention, highlighting issues of racial bias in the airline industry.

The Incident: Removal from Flight 832

The lawsuit, filed recently, details how the plaintiffs were removed from American Airlines flight 832 from Phoenix to New York. This flight, which was completing its boarding process, saw the removal of eight Black men.

These men were not traveling together, did not know each other, and were not seated near each other. According to the lawsuit, they appeared to be the only Black men on the flight.

Passenger Accounts

One of the plaintiffs recounted the moment he realized the gravity of the situation. Upon being asked to leave the plane, he saw seven other Black men also being removed.

This raised immediate concerns about the reasoning behind their removal. The men had earlier taken a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix without any issues, which further questioned the legitimacy of the complaint.

Allegations of Racial Bias

The men were kept in the jetway for about an hour before being moved to the gate area to be rebooked on another flight to New York.

During this period, an American Airlines employee reportedly mentioned that the complaint about offensive body odor came from a white male flight attendant. This statement, combined with the fact that only Black men were removed, forms the crux of the racial discrimination allegations.

Rebooking and Return to the Same Flight

When another flight to New York couldn’t be found, the men were put back on the same plane. This led to an uncomfortable situation where the passengers felt scrutinized and judged by other travelers.

One of the plaintiffs described the discomfort of boarding the plane again, facing a “sea of white faces” and feeling blamed for the flight’s delay.

Legal Perspective

The plaintiffs’ lawyer emphasized the apparent racial bias, noting that the men did not know each other and were not seated together.

This makes it difficult to find an explanation for their removal other than racial discrimination. The lawsuit references other recent incidents of alleged racial discrimination by American Airlines and a 2017 travel advisory against the airline that was lifted eight months later.

Company Response and Legal Implications

American Airlines has stated that it takes all claims of discrimination seriously and is investigating the incident. Legal analysts suggest that the plaintiffs might be more interested in making a public statement about racial discrimination rather than monetary compensation.

Winning such a case at trial could be challenging, as it depends on the evidence presented and any disciplinary actions taken against the involved employees.


This lawsuit against American Airlines underscores the persistent issues of racial bias in the airline industry. As the case progresses, it will shed light on how such allegations are addressed and what measures are taken to ensure fairness and equality in passenger treatment.


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