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Crime Prevention Tips for EV Owners: Lessons from Saanich (video)

Electric vehicle (EV) owners are increasingly becoming targets for thieves who steal charging cables. In a recent incident in British Columbia, Kelly Carmichael experienced this firsthand.

Crime Prevention Tips for EV Owners: Lessons from Saanich

This blog post delves into the details of the theft, provides useful prevention tips, and explores the broader context of property crime trends.

Thieves Target EV Charging Cables

Kelly Carmichael was shocked to discover his EV charging cables stolen on a Sunday night. The thieves, equipped with power tools, cut the cables within 30 seconds, unfazed by the security camera recording their actions.

The following morning, Kelly found his cables missing when he was heading out for chemotherapy treatment. The thieves had targeted the cables, which are illuminated at night, making them easily noticeable from the street.

Financial Impact and Community Response

The theft left Kelly with a hefty bill of $1,500 to replace the stolen cables. His neighborhood, home to around 15 EVs, is now on high alert.

Some of Kelly’s neighbors have started bringing their charging cables inside at night to avoid being targeted by thieves. The community is actively seeking ways to protect their EV charging equipment and prevent further thefts.

Crime Trends in Saanich, BC

Despite this incident, crime statistics in Saanich, BC, show a positive trend. For the first quarter of 2024, property crime dropped by 133% compared to the same period last year.

Theft from vehicles decreased by 41%, and violent crimes also saw a 3% decline. These statistics highlight the effectiveness of ongoing crime prevention efforts in the area.

Prevention Tips from Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement officers emphasize the importance of prevention in combating theft. They recommend installing motion sensor lighting and security cameras around homes to deter criminals.

Additionally, Saanich offers a program called IRIS, where residents can register their doorbell cameras or security cameras with the city. This initiative helps law enforcement access valuable information to assist with investigations.

The Growing Risk of EV Cable Theft

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise, the risk of cable theft is expected to grow. Kelly Carmichael warns fellow EV owners to take preventive measures, such as locking away their charging cables, to avoid becoming victims of this lucrative criminal activity.

Future Outlook and Community Initiatives

The community’s proactive approach to crime prevention, coupled with declining crime rates, offers hope for a safer environment for EV owners. Continued collaboration between residents and law enforcement will be crucial in maintaining this positive trend and safeguarding valuable assets like EV charging cables.

Key Takeaways for EV Owners

  • Install Security Measures: Utilize motion sensor lights and security cameras to deter thieves.
  • Join Local Programs: Participate in initiatives like Saanich’s IRIS program to enhance community safety.
  • Secure Charging Cables: Bring charging cables indoors when not in use or invest in lockable charging stations.
  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of local crime trends and collaborate with neighbors to enhance security.


The incident involving Kelly Carmichael underscores the importance of vigilance and proactive measures in protecting EV charging cables.

By following the recommended prevention tips and staying informed about local crime trends, EV owners can significantly reduce the risk of theft and contribute to a safer community.


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