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This past week, renowned movie director, producer, writer and college professor Spike Lee sat down with Bloomberg News host Trish Regan to discuss his Kickstarter Campaign. (see video here) The host was WAY off base when she opened the segment by attacking Lee’s effort and saying people wanted him to take it down. Her opening got her checked in record time and we completely agree with Spike for putting her in her place.

Trish is an Emmy-nominated investigative journalist and author, she was previously an anchor at CNBC, where she also anchored primetime documentaries and reported on major economic news, including the U.S. banking collapse of 2008 and the European debt crisis.

Among other stories, she reported from the G-8 summit in Germany, covered Brazil’s economic boom and challenges, and interviewed Colombian President Álvaro Uribe about investing in emerging markets. Regan also was a regular contributor to NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams,” the “Today” show, and the syndicated “Chris Matthews Show.” With that level of history why would she come at Spike Lee so unprofessionally? The interview pissed us off so bad, we went to Kickstarter and contributed. Thanks Trish.  

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It’s About Respect…

Spike has been in the game for 30 years. We can all sit back and say he’s pissed off or angry and even scratch our heads at some of the times he’s gone off in the past but we must consider something very important …we have no idea (but we can imagine) what it’s like to be a black director in Hollywood trying to push quality product to compete with other filmmakers who are not even 1/5th as talented but get all the glory and adulation.

Did Trish do any Research on Lee?

Trish Regan did not do her research, she was reading from a piece of paper and it was obvious she was not very familiar with Spike’s body of work, moreover his efforts to get his work done. The interview appeared to be something she just wanted to get in and out of and move on to the next segment. One does not have to wonder if she has seen any of his films.

Rude and Inconsiderate

After a horrific opening, Trish was arrogant and disrespectful when she continued to interrupt Spike with her attack on his effort without knowing what he’s been up against in Hollywood or even asking him why off the bat. Spike was right, he has been doing Kickstarter BEFORE there was a Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is Loving It.

Kickstarter is certainly not complaining, this is the MOST publicity they have EVER had and they kick back a LOT of start up projects from a lot of people so they are not necessarily the greatest resource for startup companies.The male reporter balanced the disagreement off nicely, it was evident he realized Trish was running her mouth without knowing what she was talking about and he had to cut in and interrupt her to smooth things over with Lee. HE should have been the one to interview Spike.

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