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Standing Up to Racism: Exit Right (Video)


“Exit Right,” a short film by Rupert Höller and Bernhard Wenger, portrays a poignant narrative on standing up to racism. The film emphasizes the importance of taking a stand against discriminatory behaviors and fostering an inclusive society.

Scene Overview

The film opens in Watford, a city depicted with a mix of inhabitants. The narrative focuses on various interactions within the community, showcasing the diversity and the underlying tensions that exist.

Key Interactions

One of the central scenes involves a character who enjoys sweeping the street, symbolizing the act of cleaning up not just the physical environment but also societal prejudices. This character’s actions underline the importance of contributing to the community and taking a proactive stance against racism.

The Repeated Message

Throughout the film, the phrase “give me a story” echoes, indicating the characters’ desire for change and a new narrative free from racial bias. This repetition highlights the ongoing struggle and the need for persistent efforts to combat racism.


“Exit Right” serves as a compelling reminder of the impact of individual actions in the fight against racism. By standing up and addressing prejudices head-on, the film advocates for a more inclusive and equitable society.


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