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Woman Faces Nightmare as Airbnb Renters Refuse to Leave (video)


A California homeowner, Poonam Sandhu, experienced a distressing situation when the tenants she rented her master bedroom to through Airbnb refused to vacate her property.

The Initial Rental Agreement

In an attempt to earn extra cash, Sandhu rented her master bedroom to a couple via Airbnb. The agreement was initially smooth until they transitioned to a cash-only payment, bypassing Airbnb’s platform.

Payment Issues and Legal Complications

Shortly after transitioning to cash-only payments, the couple stopped paying rent. Despite Sandhu’s request for them to leave, the renters did not comply. Surveillance cameras captured the couple roaming the house, with the male tenant even seen creeping through the house at night.

California Tenant Laws

Under California law, tenants are entitled to a 30-day notice to vacate, which can be costly for homeowners and is often exploited by unscrupulous renters. This law complicated Sandhu’s efforts to remove the tenants from her home.

Financial Settlement

To expedite their departure and avoid a lengthy eviction process, Sandhu paid the couple $1,750. Despite this, the ordeal was described as the “worst” and “scariest” experience of her life.

Repeated Offenders

Court documents revealed that the same couple had an ongoing claim against them for not paying rent in another property, indicating a pattern of behavior.

Airbnb’s Response

In response to incidents like this, Airbnb strongly encourages hosts to use their platform for bookings to ensure protection and may implement policies to financially penalize overstaying guests.

Expert Advice

Experts advise homeowners renting out their properties to conduct thorough background checks on potential renters to avoid similar situations.


This incident highlights the potential risks associated with renting out properties through platforms like Airbnb and the importance of adhering to platform policies and conducting proper vetting of tenants.


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