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Suspect Arrested in 2009 NYC Cold Case Murder (Video)

Break in 15-Year-Old Cold Case

In a significant development, police in Queens have made an arrest in a cold case murder dating back to 2009. This breakthrough comes after advancements in DNA technology.

Victim Identified

The victim, 54-year-old Rosario Geo, was found dead inside a home on Greene Avenue in Ridgewood on February 10, 2009. The case had remained unsolved for 15 years.

Suspect Arrested in Florida

Prosecutors announced that new DNA enhancements led them to Anthony Scully, who has been arrested in Florida. Scully is identified as the nephew of the suspect through marriage.

DNA Evidence Key to Arrest

Authorities have stated that DNA collected from inside the crime scene played a crucial role in identifying the suspect. This evidence, combined with the latest DNA technology, provided the breakthrough needed to make the arrest.

Victim’s Family Reacts

The victim’s brother expressed gratitude towards the police for their persistent efforts. He praised the law enforcement officers for their diligent work in solving the case after so many years.


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