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Teenager Overwhelmed in Courtroom as Accused Killer Faces Trial (Video)

Emotional Scene in Courtroom

In DeKalb County, emotions ran high as a 15-year-old girl faced the man accused of killing her father. Deputies had to remove the teenager from the courtroom due to her emotional outburst.

Incident Details

The tragic event took place less than a month ago at a Shell gas station store on Glenwood Avenue in Decatur. Myron Pierce, the victim, was involved in a fight that began inside the store and escalated outside, resulting in his death from multiple gunshot wounds.

Prosecutor’s Statement

During the court hearing, the prosecutor revealed that Kevin Merriweather, the accused, had previously scammed Pierce. On June 2nd, Pierce encountered Merriweather at the store and started punching him. In response, Merriweather allegedly grabbed a gun, shot Pierce approximately 15 times, and continued to chase and shoot him as he ran.

Defense’s Argument

Merriweather’s attorney claimed that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Victim’s Family Reaction

Outside the courtroom, the victim’s 15-year-old daughter expressed her deep sorrow and the unique bond she shared with her father, who she could confide in. Other family members, including a younger daughter, shared similar sentiments, describing their father as their source of joy.

Court Decision

The judge decided to deny bond for Merriweather. The case will continue to progress towards a trial.


This case highlights the intense emotional impact on the victim’s family as they seek justice for their loved one.

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