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The Top 20 Urban and Urban AC Programmers of 2012

 DISCLAIMER: and our affiliates had NOTHING to do with the voting. Please see the rules that we posted below:

Vote for 2012 Top 20 Urban and Urban AC Programmers , the leading Black industry trade that actually cares about Black radio is hosting the first annual ORIGINAL contest to celebrate the outstanding contributions of Black and Black AC programmers. We are proud to, once again, be FIRST in creative ways to lead the Black industry. This contest is NOT about ratings it’s about how well you do your job, we understand that does not always translate into high ratings.

The industry votes for the programmers: Is the PD Easy to Work With? How do the labels feel about working with this PD? Is the PD Creative? Is he or she cooperative and Fair? Does the staff feel this PD is a great leader? Does this PD have an Open door policy? Does the PD delegate well? Is the PD willing to work with industry people? Is the PD available and does he or she return calls? Is the PD responsible? You get the picture. All voters info will be kept confidential, we may however use your positive quotes without mentioning your name. We will not post negative quotes (unless it’s a PD we don’t like…just joking we like 99.9% of all Black PDs) Here are the rules: You can only vote for a CURRENT (Working) Programmer. You may vote for more than one PD but more than 5 votes and all of your votes are disqualified. If we are missing any names or a PD on our list is not currently working let us know ASAP so that we can fix it. VOTES MUST BE BY INDUSTRY PEOPLE ONLY! . GOOD LUCK! (Click next)

#20 Andre Marcel

# 19 Joe Booker

# 18 Jeff Anderson

# 17 Hurricane Dave

# 16 Derrick Corbett

# 15 Chris Conners

# 14 Stan Branson

# 13 Aundre Carson

# 12 Reggie Rouse

# 11 Colby Colb

# 10 George Cook

# 9 Al Payne

# 8 Terri Avery

# 7 Maxx Myrick

# 6 Elroy Smith

# 5 Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB)

# 4 Myron Fears

# 3 KJ Holiday

# 2 Derrick Brown

# 1 Doc Wynter

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