Woman Stays with Unfaithful Boyfriend: Steve Harvey Show (video)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who wants to stay in a relationship with her boyfriend even after he fathered a child with someone else.

The woman said she had two children when she met her boyfriend and was told from the beginning that her new beau wanted to have children with her. She is eleven years older than her man, and they have been together for eleven years. Now she cannot bear him, children, said Shirley Strawberry.

One day the woman discovered her boyfriend texting and calling another female, and when she called the woman back, she was told that her husband had fathered a four-day-old child with the woman, explained Strawberry. A blood test confirmed the baby was his. Now the girlfriend is confused, said Strawberry. The woman is unsure if she should keep her man and be selfish or let him be with his new family.

Shirley Strawberry said for the woman not to be naive. The man knew the baby was his and was waiting for the child to be born so the girlfriend could find out. The fact that the man had cheated on the woman multiple times was a red flag added Strawberry. The woman is better off without the man, Strawberry argued. The best thing for the woman to do was to move on first and not wait for the man to end things.

The woman was wrong to believe that she had a family with the man, informed Steve Harvey. Steve said it would hurt the woman’s two other children, but they need to know that another child is now involved in the man’s life. Even though the couple had been together eleven years, they were never married, he added.

Harvey said the woman’s fear that the man will bond more with the child than her is real. The man is “overjoyed” about the son he always wanted. “I feel like the best thing to do is to let him go,” said Harvey.


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