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Gothic Stepmom Influencing Daughter: Steve Harvey (video)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose daughter is being led astray by her gothic stepmom.   A woman wrote into the show to say she is a 37-year-old single mother who has never been into Halloween or other dark-spirited things. When her daughter was younger, she used to hand out candy but stopped because her daughter goes to Halloween parties now that she is 15, said Shirley Strawberry.

The woman said she does allow her daughter to dress up for Halloween, but she does not condone the gothic or “trampy” look. However, the young girl’s father and his 25-year-old stepmom condone gothic apparel and makeup. The woman said the younger stepmom’s style it’s very dark, and every room in the house is either black, red, or dark grey. The woman said the house looked satanic to her. But the ex-husband does not care and lets the wife decorate as she pleases.

The woman’s teenage daughter dressed up as a zombie for a Halloween party with her friends. She sent her mother a selfie with her makeup on, said Strawberry. The woman was angry and demanded that the makeup be taken off. The stepmom refused because she did not want the daughter to resent her, explained Strawberry. The wife drove to her ex-husband’s house and removed the makeup herself. Now the wife wants to confront the stepmom.

Strawberry said the ex-wife should not confront the stepmother because she had done nothing wrong. It is okay to confront a person about the well-being of their child, but this was not the case. Perhaps the woman wants to confront the stepmom, and this was the excuse, added Strawberry. “It’s Halloween. What are they doing that is so wrong?” Strawberry asked. “You know the makeup is not the problem. You’re hating on his new younger wife,” she continued.

Tommy disagreed with Strawberry and said the woman was dealing with demons and they must be “washed out.”

“When y’all have that family meeting, show up with a bucket of hot water and a wash rag and wash both of their damn faces right there,” said Tommy.

Tommy said washing away the demons must be done, so the child does not turn satanic. The morning show host said the little girl is turning into a “vampire,” and unless the mom intervenes, she will end up dark sided.

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