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Three Black Passengers Sue American Airlines for Racial Discrimination (Video)

Incident on Flight from Phoenix to New York

Three Black passengers have filed a lawsuit against American Airlines, alleging racial discrimination. The incident occurred during a flight from Phoenix to New York, where a group of Black men was temporarily removed from the plane.

Alleged Body Odor Complaint

According to the lawsuit, the passengers were informed by airline employees that a complaint about body odor prompted their removal. The passengers did not know each other and were not seated near one another.

Experience of the Passengers

The passengers expressed disbelief, confusion, and frustration over the incident. Cell phone videos of the event captured their comments, highlighting that they were the only ones being taken off the plane.

Legal Action and Allegations

The lawsuit, filed by three of the eight Black men removed from the plane, accuses American Airlines of blatant and egregious racial discrimination. The passengers argue that race was a significant factor in their removal from the flight.

Response from American Airlines

American Airlines stated that their teams are investigating the matter, as the claims do not reflect their core values. The airline mentioned that several airlines have policies regarding body odor to ensure a respectful environment for all passengers.

Historical Context

The lawsuit references a 2017 NAACP travel advisory against American Airlines, which warned Black passengers of possible racial bias incidents. The advisory was lifted eight or nine months later, following the airline’s efforts to address the concerns.


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