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Family Claims Denied Service at Applebee’s After Child’s Accident (Video)

Incident at Applebee’s

A family alleges they were denied service at an Applebee’s in Cartersville, Georgia, after a potty training accident involving their 2-year-old son, Kyrie. The incident occurred during a previous visit on May 25th when the child started urinating on himself while at the restaurant.

Mother’s Response

Tabitha Linley, Kyrie’s mother, claims she cleaned up her son’s mess and paid the bill before leaving. She expressed frustration over the treatment her family received, emphasizing that her son is still potty training and such accidents are common.

Return Visit and Denial of Service

When the family returned to the same Applebee’s on the following Monday, they were seated but ignored for 25 minutes. Linley reported that no server approached their table, and a manager eventually informed them that no server wanted to serve them due to the previous incident.

Manager’s Statement

A manager at the Applebee’s stated that the child had urinated in his seat during the initial visit, leaving a mess that was not cleaned up by the family. Linley strongly disputed this, insisting that she had cleaned up the mess and there was no residue left behind.

Family’s Reaction

The incident left the family, including Kyrie’s grandfather who had frequented the restaurant for 30 years, feeling disrespected and outraged. Linley criticized the restaurant for lacking family-friendly workers and stressed that children’s accidents are a normal part of parenting.

Legal Considerations

As of the report, Linley and her family are considering their legal options regarding the treatment they received at the restaurant. Applebee’s corporate office has been contacted for a comment, but no response has been received yet.


The family remains upset about their experience and is contemplating further action to address the situation. The case highlights issues related to customer service and the handling of incidents involving young children in public places.


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