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Townsquare Applauds Bill Spadea’s Civic Engagement and Service

One of our valued employees, Bill Spadea, announced today that he has decided to  pursue a candidacy for Governor of New Jersey. 


At Townsquare, we respect the rights of our employees to engage in civic activities that contribute to the well-being  of our society and serve the local communities that are so important to us.  

Until he becomes a legally qualified candidate, Bill will continue to fulfill his employment responsibilities  entertaining and informing the local audience on NJ 101.5 airwaves and digital platforms, as he has done for the last  9 years.

However, we are sensitive to the legal parameters attendant keeping a broadcast personality on air while they  are seeking public office.

Accordingly, we have taken steps and imposed guidelines to ensure that Bill’s on-air  presence over the coming months and until he becomes a legally qualified candidate, are in accordance with New  Jersey election law, applicable FCC guidance, and industry standards and best practices for such circumstances.  

As a company, and to be clear, Townsquare is and will remain neutral with respect to a Spadea candidacy and  does not endorse any political candidates or parties.

At the same time, Townsquare will continue to uphold the  values of integrity and community involvement personified by our team members. 

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