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Graduation Collapse Leads to High School Student’s Death Weeks Later (Video)

Graduation Day Incident

On May 23rd, 18-year-old Sienna Stewart collapsed at her graduation ceremony at Hiram High School. The ceremony came to an abrupt halt as she fell unconscious just before it began.

Mother’s Witness Account

Sienna’s mother, Seven Sherm, shared her daughter’s story, recalling the terrifying ordeal. Despite her failing heart, Sienna managed to regain consciousness and insisted on walking across the stage to receive her diploma. She had already missed her prom due to her health issues and was determined not to miss her graduation.

Health Struggles

Sienna was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy at the age of four and received a heart transplant when she was eight, allowing her to live a relatively normal life for ten years. However, in April of this year, she was diagnosed with heart failure as her transplanted heart was getting weak.

Graduation Moment

Sienna’s determination and resilience were evident as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. Her mother described her as a strong and tough individual, who showed incredible strength and perseverance.

Final Collapse and Death

Unfortunately, two weeks after her graduation, Sienna collapsed again. Despite recovering briefly, she passed away on June 12th. Her mother expressed pride in her daughter’s strength and resilience, even in her final moments.

A Mother’s Pride

Sienna’s mother, Seven Sherm, expressed her pride in her daughter, who fought bravely against her health issues. She acknowledged the pain of losing her child but emphasized the pride she felt in Sienna’s courage and determination.

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