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Tragic I-240 Shooting: Mother’s Update on Children’s Recovery (Video)


A Memphis mother, Brittany Ireland, has shared an emotional update following a traumatic interstate shooting incident that critically injured her four children and their father.

The Incident

Last week, Brittany’s children, 8-year-old Kyree, 3-year-old Antonio Jr., and twins Ace and Missouri, along with their father, were victims of a shooting on I-240. The incident occurred after an SUV refused to let their vehicle merge, resulting in the SUV driver opening fire.

Victims and Injuries

  • Kyree: Shot in his leg and hand, resulting in the loss of two fingers. A bullet remains lodged in his leg.
  • Ace: Sustained four gunshot wounds to his stomach, leading to a week without eating.
  • Antonio Jr.: Shot in his arms.
  • Missouri: Grazed by bullets five times. The children’s father was also shot during the incident.

Arrests and Charges

21-year-old Kendrick Rate and 18-year-old Lorenzo Watson were arrested and charged in connection with the shooting. Their bonds were set at $1 million each.

Emotional and Physical Recovery

Brittany expressed gratitude for the support received from the two men who saved her children’s lives. However, she acknowledged the long road ahead for physical and mental therapy for her children, who were once active and outgoing.

Community Support

Despite the challenges, Brittany remains thankful and has appealed for community assistance, emphasizing the need for collective support to help her family recover.


For those wishing to support Brittany and her children, additional information is available on the WREG website.

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