US Homebuilder Predicts Trump Win Could Boost Real Estate Market (Video)

US Homebuilder Predicts Trump Win Could Boost Real Estate Market

Strong Job Growth Contributing to Rising Rent Prices

Experts report that strong job growth is leading landlords to increase their rental prices. This trend is contributing to a challenging real estate market.

US Faces Significant Housing Shortage

The United States is currently short 4.5 million homes as of 2022, according to new estimates. The current status of this shortage is unclear.

Financing and Regulatory Burdens Impacting Homebuilding

Jim Tobin, President of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), highlighted that financing mechanisms for development and construction are significant barriers for homebuilders. Regulatory burdens are also contributing to the slow pace of homebuilding.

Decline in Homebuilder Confidence

Homebuilder confidence has decreased, with a recent confidence number of 43, the lowest since January. High interest rates are cited as a primary cause, as mortgage rates have crested around 7%, freezing the market.

Inflation’s Impact on the Economy and Housing Market

Donald Trump has criticized the current administration, stating that inflation has severely impacted the economy, making it difficult for Americans to buy homes. He claims that President Biden’s policies have destroyed the American dream and caused significant financial strain on American families.

Potential Impact of a Trump Re-Election on the Housing Market

Jim Tobin indicated that if Trump were re-elected, his policies might lower inflation and improve the housing market. Tobin pointed out that the previous lower regulatory environment and a more robust economy under Trump benefited the housing sector.

Biden Administration’s Energy Regulations and Housing Costs

Tobin also mentioned that the Biden administration’s new energy regulations could add $20,000 to $30,000 to the cost of new homes. These regulations are aimed at increasing energy efficiency but could drive up housing costs, especially affecting low-income and first-generation buyers.


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