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Video Exonerates 2 Black Men and Proves Excessive Police Force in Detroit

After a brawl with the police, two brothers were charged with assaulting two officers but they proclaimed their innocence the entire time and said they were the real victims. Once this video surfaced, the charges were dropped against Tywonn Mitchell, 20 and Naybon Moore, 26.It all started when Tywonn and Naybon were driving to Grandy’s Coney Island back in May. They say that’s when Detroit police officers began profiling them like so many other black and latino men when the police started tailing their car.The brothers pulled into the restaurant and the police car backed away so they thought they had avoided any possible drama. But then the officers followed them into the Coney Island, and asked to see their IDs. The brothers asked to know what they had done wrong, (as you can hear in the video), both of them were aware of their rights. One is studying criminal justice and the other is studying law. Once one of the brothers sort of flips his hand, the officer charges him and you see what takes place afterward.Fox 2 News Headlines


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