Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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We’re With Star on this one..

Shining Star…

OK, she really got off to a bad start with the whole “I’m-as-big-as-Oprah,” concept… (well, she was partially right, I’d say even bigger) but the press has really been hard on Star and this latest incident is a PR disaster. Those chunky teens worked hard to have her come to visit their event and she took the money and had a great time with it. Was she wrong…. Well, no. People forget Star is an attorney and she knows what she’s doing when she does those contracts and agreements. She has a stipulation in the agreement that if the girls did not come up with the 30 grand, she could keep the money and not show up… which is exactly what she did. Now they feel that Star should have made some sort of consideration… SORRY… the girls and the non profit organization’s leader should have KNOWN $30,000 was not going to be made selling cookies (the girls probably ate quite a few of them which put a dent in the profits anyway). So we have to go with Star on this one… She doesn’t owe any organization anything but a commitment to the agreement. That’s all.

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