Friday, June 14, 2024

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The White Guy Asks….Why is the Black Community Fighting over Sneakers?

…that could easily be the question white people could ask and legitimately at that. Many of us will shrug it off like it’s not me or my kids but it IS our community. Sneakers? REALLY? How do we defend our community when the naysayers as in conservatives, republicans and racists use this as an example for how out of control our community is? Priorities? Do we have any?  This has got to be the most embarrassing most humiliating thing to watch for black people.  Fighting for some damn sneakers? Can you imagine if the black community fought like this for fair and equal treatment at the corporations that we work for, education, safe communities, black men taking responsibility for their children, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness? We can only dream….in the meantime, watch the nightmare on video.


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