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Why More Canadians Are Moving to St. John, New Brunswick (video)

Canada’s housing market varies significantly across its vast geography, offering diverse affordability levels. A recent survey by Royal LePage highlights Canada’s most affordable cities, emphasizing regions where typical home prices and median household incomes align favorably.

Why More Canadians Are Moving to St. John, New Brunswick

This article explores the top affordable cities, reasons behind their affordability, and the impact of remote work on housing decisions.

Thunder Bay: Northern Ontario’s Gem

Topping the list is Thunder Bay, located in Northern Ontario. Known for its natural beauty and vibrant community, Thunder Bay boasts a typical home price just under $300,000.

The city’s affordability is attributed to its stable economy, lower cost of living, and ample recreational opportunities. The combination of these factors makes Thunder Bay an attractive option for first-time home buyers and those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

St. John, New Brunswick: Maritime Affordability

St. John in New Brunswick ranks second, with an average selling price of $268,000. As a key maritime city, St. John offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

Its affordability is driven by a relatively lower cost of living and strong community support. Residents enjoy access to beautiful coastal scenery and a relaxed pace of life, making it a desirable destination for families and retirees.

Red Deer, Alberta: A Central Hub

Red Deer, Alberta, comes in third, with homes averaging $393,000. Positioned strategically between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer benefits from a robust economy and excellent infrastructure.

The city’s affordability is enhanced by Alberta’s overall lower taxes and cost of living. Additionally, Red Deer’s outdoor recreational activities and strong cultural scene attract many looking for an affordable yet vibrant place to live.

Quebec’s Affordable Cities: Trois-Rivières, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke

Three of the top ten most affordable cities are in Quebec: Trois-Rivières, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke. These cities are known for their rich history, cultural diversity, and quality of life.

Affordable housing prices in these areas, combined with a high median household income, make them attractive options for many Canadians. The cost of living in Quebec is generally lower than in other provinces, contributing to the overall affordability of these cities.

Trends in Interprovincial Migration

The survey highlights a significant trend of interprovincial migration, particularly from Canada’s most expensive cities, Toronto and Vancouver, to more affordable regions like Edmonton, Alberta. This migration is driven by several factors:

  • Housing Affordability: Alberta offers more affordable housing options compared to Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Cost of Living: The overall cost of living in Alberta is lower, attracting those looking to reduce expenses.
  • Strong Economy: Alberta’s robust economy provides ample job opportunities, drawing individuals and families seeking economic stability.
  • Environmental Factors: Alberta’s natural beauty and outdoor activities appeal to those seeking a change of scenery and lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes and Remote Work

The shift towards remote and hybrid work models has enabled many Canadians to reconsider their living arrangements. People are moving away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities to enjoy a slower pace of life, reduced commute times, and a better work-life balance.

This trend is particularly evident in Toronto, where residents are looking to escape traffic congestion and other big-city challenges.

Vancouver’s Unique Appeal

Despite being Canada’s most expensive city, Vancouverites are less likely to express a desire to move. This reluctance is attributed to Vancouver’s unparalleled access to nature and outdoor activities, which many residents view as priceless.

The city’s unique combination of urban amenities and natural beauty continues to attract and retain its population, even with high living costs.


Canada’s most affordable cities offer a range of benefits, from lower housing prices to a higher quality of life. As remote work becomes more prevalent, Canadians are increasingly exploring these affordable regions, seeking a balance between economic stability and lifestyle


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