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Caught on Camera: Towing Company Allegedly Steals Milwaukee Vehicle (video)

Milwaukee police are currently investigating a towing company, Swift Towing LLC, accused of stealing a truck and stripping it for parts.

Caught on Camera: Towing Company Allegedly Steals Milwaukee Vehicle

The case came to light after surveillance video captured the alleged theft. This incident has raised significant concerns among vehicle owners in Milwaukee.

The Incident 

Cam Brown, the victim, reported that his rented vehicle was illegally towed while he was at work. Surveillance footage shows a white tow truck from Swift Towing LLC taking his vehicle in broad daylight. Brown discovered the theft when his family tracked down the surveillance video from a nearby business.

Discovery of the Stolen Vehicle 

Brown’s stolen vehicle was found severely damaged. The perpetrators had removed valuable parts, including the catalytic converter. Brown received a lengthy list of damages from a mechanic, including issues with the transmission and other critical components.

Swift Towing LLC’s Dubious Practices 

Swift Towing LLC has a license to operate in Milwaukee, but their practices have come under scrutiny. The company is supposed to tow vehicles only when a driver calls for service. However, Brown’s experience and other similar complaints suggest otherwise.

Complaints Against Swift Towing LLC 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received several complaints about Swift Towing LLC. One review from December alleged that the company steals cars and extorts money from vehicle owners. The complainant had to pay $575, including storage fees, to retrieve their vehicle.

Investigation and Legal Actions 

Milwaukee police and city officials are investigating the allegations against Swift Towing LLC. If the claims are proven true, the company’s license could be revoked, suspended, or not renewed. The police are working to ensure that the driver and the company are held accountable for their actions.

Community Impact 

This incident has caused considerable distress among vehicle owners in Milwaukee. Brown hopes that the driver responsible will be held accountable and that other vehicle owners will be vigilant. He encourages anyone who has experienced similar issues to report them to the authorities.


The case of Swift Towing LLC highlights the need for stringent regulations and oversight of towing companies. Vehicle owners in Milwaukee should be cautious and report any suspicious activities to the police. Ensuring that such incidents are thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators are punished is crucial to maintaining trust and safety in the community.


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