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100+ Las Vegas Homeowners Claim Scam by Patio Company (Video)


More than 100 homeowners in the Las Vegas area allege they were defrauded by a patio company, Patio Covers for Less, which took significant payments upfront but failed to deliver the promised improvements.

Homeowners’ Plight

Homeowners handed over tens of thousands of dollars for home improvements, only to be met with frustration and disappointment. Many of these homeowners turned to the Nevada State Contractors Board for help after discovering the company had closed its doors, leaving them with unfinished projects and no recourse.

Investigative Findings

The Nevada State Contractors Board has been actively investigating Patio Covers for Less, which now faces more than 100 allegations of fraud. Homeowners reported paying large sums, only to find the company unresponsive and its offices abandoned.

Case Example: Jerry Bootzin

Jerry Bootzin signed a contract with Patio Covers for Less in September 2023 after the company successfully completed a job for his neighbor. He paid $3,700 upfront but never saw the company again. Upon visiting their office to demand a refund, he found it empty.

Legal and Financial Repercussions

The Nevada State Contractors Board has issued an emergency administrative suspension of Patio Covers for Less’s license, following substantial evidence of harm. This suspension aims to protect further potential victims from being defrauded.

Guidance for Future Homeowners

The Nevada State Contractors Board advises homeowners never to pay more than $1,000 or 10% of the project cost upfront. Homeowner Robert Relay, hoping to recoup his money, emphasizes the importance of this guideline to avoid similar scams.

Recovery Fund

The Nevada State Contractors Board Residential Recovery Fund is available to assist wronged homeowners, potentially reimbursing them up to $40,000. This fund aims to make things right for those who have been financially harmed by such fraudulent activities.

Further Actions

If fraud is confirmed, the case may be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges. Homeowners who feel they have been scammed by a contractor are encouraged to contact the Nevada State Contractors Board for assistance.


The investigation continues as affected homeowners seek justice and financial recovery. The Nevada State Contractors Board remains committed to protecting homeowners and holding fraudulent contractors accountable.

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