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Thieves Targeting New Dodge Ram Trucks: A Growing Concern (Video)


Auto theft continues to rise in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) despite police warnings and security advice. In 2023, a significant increase in thefts has been noted, particularly targeting a specific type of vehicle.

Rise in Ram Truck Thefts

Thieves have shifted their focus to the Dodge Ram pickup truck, leading to a surge in thefts across cities and towns in Ontario. From Ottawa to Windsor, the Ram truck has become a prime target for criminals due to its high demand overseas.

Alarming Statistics

In the York region alone, over 130 Ram trucks have been stolen since the beginning of the year. Similar thefts have been reported in Barrie, London, and Toronto, indicating a widespread issue.

Personal Accounts

Several victims have shared their experiences:

  • Scott from Cobourg returned from a vacation in Cuba to find his 2022 Ram truck missing from the airport parking lot.
  • Jamie from Bowmanville discovered his 2022 Ram truck was stolen from his driveway.
  • Another individual from Thornhill had his 2022 pickup truck stolen from his property within five minutes.

Methods Used by Thieves

Thieves are employing sophisticated techniques such as reprogramming key fobs and using relay attacks to gain control of the vehicles’ systems. Despite continuous improvements by manufacturers, these methods have proven effective in bypassing security measures.

Police Response and Predictions

York Regional Police have reported a dramatic increase in vehicle thefts in 2023, predicting around 5,000 vehicles will be stolen in the region by the end of the year. So far, 131 Ram trucks have been stolen since January 1st.

Impact on Owners

For Ram truck owners, the thefts have been a source of frustration. Even advanced security systems and tracking devices have not deterred thieves. Small business contractors, in particular, have faced significant disruptions as their vehicles are essential for their livelihoods.

Other Targeted Vehicles

In addition to the Ram trucks, the Toyota Highlander has also seen a rise in thefts. It has become one of the top 10 most stolen vehicles, with a recent spike in incidents.


The surge in thefts of Dodge Ram trucks and other popular vehicles highlights a growing concern for vehicle owners in the GTA. Despite efforts by police and manufacturers, thieves continue to find ways to bypass security measures, leaving many questioning the future of vehicle safety.

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