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ASCAP Elects Board of Directors

Paul WilliamsThe results of the biennial election for the Board of Directors of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) were announced today by ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board Paul Williams. Twelve writer and twelve publisher members have been elected to serve on the Board for a two-year term commencing April 1st, 2013.Newly elected writer member in the at-large field is composer Alf Clausen. In addition to Paul Williams, the writer members who were re-elected in the at-large field are: songwriter Marilyn Bergman; composer Richard Bellis; composer Bruce Broughton; composer George Duke; composer Dan Foliart; songwriter Wayland Holyfield; songwriter Valerie Simpson; songwriter Jimmy Webb; and composer Doug Wood. Re-elected in the Symphonic and Concert field is composer Stephen Paulus.The publisher directors re-elected in the at-large field are: Martin Bandier, Sony/ATV; Caroline Bienstock, Bienstock Publishing; Barry Coburn, Ten Ten Music; John L. Eastman, Edwin H. Morris & Co.; Zach Horowitz, Universal Music; Laurent Hubert, BMG Gold Songs; Dean Kay, Lichelle Music; Leeds Levy, Leeds Music; Matt Pincus, Songs Music Publishing; Irwin Z. Robinson, Cromwell Music; and Cameron Strang, Warner Brothers Music. Re-elected in the Symphonic and Concert field is publisher James Kendrick, Schott Music Corporation/European American Music Corporation.ASCAP is the only U.S. performing rights organization created and controlled by composers, songwriters and music publishers, with a Board of Directors elected by and from the membership.

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