Biden’s Decision to Stay in Presidential Race Backed by Family (video)

Biden's Decision to Stay in Presidential Race Backed by Family

First Family’s Support

President Joe Biden is reportedly receiving strong encouragement from his family to continue his presidential campaign. They are urging him to keep fighting and stay in the race despite growing criticism from various quarters.

Debate Performance Critique

Following a recent debate, there has been widespread criticism of Biden’s performance. Observers noted that the debate was crucial as it provided a significant audience and set expectations, which many believe Biden did not meet.

Accusations of Gaslighting

Michael LaRosa, former Press Secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, highlighted accusations of gaslighting among White House colleagues. He emphasized the importance of transparency regarding data and its impact on Biden’s campaign, especially in battleground states.

Bill Ackman’s Criticism

Billionaire Bill Ackman criticized First Lady Jill Biden, suggesting she is to blame for Biden staying in the race. Ackman argued that President Biden might no longer have the mental acuity to make decisions about his campaign, placing responsibility on Jill Biden for encouraging him to continue.

Jill Biden’s Role

LaRosa defended Jill Biden, stating that she does not live in her husband’s shadow and would not force him to remain in politics if he did not want to. He painted a picture of mutual support within the Biden family, emphasizing Jill Biden’s consistent backing of her husband’s career choices.

Historical Context

The decision for Biden to stay in the race is also influenced by past experiences. In 1987, Biden withdrew from a presidential race due to a plagiarism scandal, a scarring event for both him and his wife. This history has likely contributed to their determination not to be forced out by external pressures again.


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