Monday, July 15, 2024

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Multiple Cars Stolen from Mission Valley Garage (video)

San Diego Police Investigate Vehicle Thefts

San Diego police are currently investigating a series of vehicle thefts that occurred in a gated complex in Mission Valley. The investigation focuses on two suspects who managed to steal multiple cars over two separate incidents.

Details of the Incidents

On June 20th, two suspects gained access to the underground garage at Riverfront Condominiums on Camino De La Reyna. They managed to steal a 2003 Toyota 4Runner and a newer Toyota RAV4. Two days later, the suspects returned and stole a 2015 black Jeep Grand Cherokee. The incidents have left residents, including one victim who wished to remain anonymous, on edge.

Residents React

One resident, whose car was packed with camping and surf gear for an upcoming trip, described the scene and expressed frustration over the theft. The victim shared a picture showing one suspect eating ice cream while casing the garage, highlighting the brazenness of the criminals.

Police Efforts and Advice

San Diego investigators released an image of one suspect and successfully recovered the stolen 2003 Toyota 4Runner in Otay Mesa. However, the other two vehicles remain missing. Police urge residents to lock their car doors and avoid leaving valuables inside their vehicles.

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