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Police Chief’s Phone Fury Stuns Crowd (Video)

The Black reporters found themselves caught off guard by the response of police chief Edward Flynn when they confronted him about his perceived disrespect during a meeting.

The meeting revolved around the tragic and unjust shooting of Dontre Hamilton, a man with schizophrenia, by a white Milwaukee police officer who was subsequently terminated from his position without facing charges. This incident ultimately led to the implementation of body cameras for Milwaukee police officers.

Following a gathering with community leaders and black residents aimed at addressing the prevailing communication issues with the police department, the police chief opened the floor for questions. He acknowledged the presence of confusion, raised voices, and agenda-driven discussions, expressing his own feelings of being overwhelmed while attempting to address the community’s inquiries.

During the meeting, the police chief was observed using his phone to send text messages, a behavior perceived by those present as disrespectful.

Subsequently, a group of black reporters approached him after the meeting and questioned his sincerity, considering his engagement with texting during the proceedings. The response from the police chief, which unfolded below, likely deviated from what was anticipated.

Dontre Hamilton, an African American man in his early thirties, tragically lost his life in an encounter with a police officer on April 30, 2014, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The incident unfolded at Red Arrow Park, where Hamilton was peacefully seated on a bench. Prompted by concerns about Hamilton’s well-being, as he was thought to be homeless and possibly dealing with mental health issues, a Starbucks employee contacted the police.

Officer Christopher Manney responded to the call and approached Hamilton, initiating a search. A confrontation ensued, leading to Officer Manney resorting to his baton and striking Hamilton multiple times. In response, Hamilton managed to seize the baton and attacked the officer. Subsequently, the officer fired his weapon, shooting Hamilton a total of 14 times, resulting in his untimely death at the scene.

This tragic incident ignited substantial outrage within the community, prompting widespread protests against what was perceived as excessive force and racial profiling. The event shed light on the persisting tensions between law enforcement agencies and marginalized communities, particularly African Americans, and brought national attention to the pressing issues of police brutality and accountability.

The U.S. Department of Justice conducted an investigation into the shooting but ultimately decided against filing charges against Officer Manney. They cited insufficient evidence to establish that Manney had deliberately violated Hamilton’s civil rights. However, the Milwaukee Police Department took action and terminated Officer Manney’s employment due to his failure to adhere to department protocols concerning the handling of individuals with mental health challenges.

Dontre Hamilton’s tragic death emerged as a significant catalyst for discussions on police reform and the urgent need for enhanced training in de-escalation techniques and managing encounters involving individuals with mental health concerns. His case contributed to the wider national discourse on police accountability and further propelled the Black Lives Matter movement.


  1. When you folks post a headline to an article it’s best to actually INCLUDE THE ARTICLE. Reading the article’a headline really isn’t worth my time if article isn’t included.

  2. What is up with the headline? Seems youre trying to make it worse to get people to read it or be upset about it from the jump. Just really ridiculous. Should have been something like “Police officer sound of about why he answered his phone” or something to that. What exactly was in this article that shows or reads that the only Black reporters looked in any way that they had an issue good or bad with what the Policeman said? Be better stop baiting!

    • He was talking about earlier he was on his cell phone texting and a bunch of African-American reporters were shouting and hollering in the background and making all kinds of ridiculous insinuations about why he was on the phone during A news conference. What they weren’t expecting was the response that he did give them. He told them that he was just text information that there had been a shooting, another one and a five-year-old girl was shot and killed. That Captain was all but in tears as he was explaining why he was texting on his phone. He then proceeded to go on saying that about 80% of his homicide victims or as he was explaining are African Americans. 80% of his shooters are African-American. And 80% of survivors are African-American. His point was they have faults too however they are trying their damnedest to make Milwaukee safe for all of your constituents and he is really fed up with it and I don’t blame him. His point was they have faults too however they are trying their damnedest to make Milwaukee safe for all of your constituents and he is really fed up with it and I don’t blame him!
      Thank you

  3. Blessings on this Police Chief who had the integrity and ability to set priorities (under intense crutiny of those who perhaps have never had to make such difficult decisions) and then forcefully yet honestly with obvious pain in his demeanor while speaking, educate those who would question his every action. Was that truly the most important question (and use of time) to be asked in such a meeting? Really? Would the reporter have ignored the phone call about an innocent child who was shot in the head to attend to a news conference? What would the reporter who questioned the Chief’s actions recommend he do? I wonder if any of the reporters in attendance would answer the Chief’s challenge of naming the last 3 of the murder victims from their city. Milwaukee’s Law Enforcement agencies are not perfect. But they are trying. And the Chief’s response to this show him to be a courageous leader who holds himself and his agency accountable for their actions. They care. Good job Chief.

  4. The city of Milwaukee better count their lucky stars they have a police chief and leader of this caliber. God bless this man and the department to have to go through this BS.

  5. I think this depicts the majority of how policemen really care about the people they serve in their communities . This Black Lives Matter movement is not how all black people feel. I want to see the BLM people spend their time and energy finding solutions to the black on black murders that are taking place every day in cities throughout our nation. Individuals are responsible and accountable for their own actions. To always lump people into one sum of any type of behavior based on one person’s actions is wrong. It was horribly wrong and evil for Mr. Floyd to be murdered . It was just as horrible for innocent people like retired policeman , Mr. Dorn , to be murdered when he was defending a friends store . Several people have died during these riots and countless people have had their businesses looted and destroyed. That solves nothing and only lends to more wood being piled on the fires of hate…..stop it ! Blame shifting never solves one problem. There is racism being displayed on both sides of the coin. Admit it, sit down in peace and discuss ways to solve it and help one another. But be honest and say the truth about everything. Otherwise things will grow worse and we won’t have anymore America left worth living in….

    • Ok. I’ll go with it being a misleading in a temporal sense. And that does lend to a loss of integrity and trust. With that being said. We’re the protesters not protesting about SYSTEMIC racism and police brutality?… the overall message being delivered is still just as relevant. How can it not be? I’m absolutely on the side of equality and fairness for all regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender… It’s perplexing as to how BLM is being so widely touted yet

  6. It’s amazing how he made himself the victim..speaking about a committee that knows all too well about killings deaths of the black community as if they were oblivious of the crimes being committed against the black community whether by black on black crimes or police killing unarmed black ppl unmercifully…he really made himself look like he was a victim…& this folks is where the problem lyes police not taking accountability for their role in all of this & playing the victim..the whole world is sick of the injustice & retaliating against it…& he’s yelling & getting emotional as if they were hurting him..the Ken to the Karen’s of the world!


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