Bobby Marks Breaks Down the Alex Caruso Trade to the Thunder, Josh Giddey to the Bulls (Video)

Trade Overview

In a significant NBA trade, Alex Caruso has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder while Josh Giddey moves to the Chicago Bulls. This swap has generated considerable discussion among analysts and fans alike.

Details of the Trade

Bobby Marks from ESPN explains that the trade was a straightforward one-for-one deal with no draft picks involved. This aspect of the trade caught some by surprise, given Oklahoma City’s ample draft assets.

Impact on Chicago Bulls

Josh Giddey, who struggled to fit in with Oklahoma City due to the presence of other ball-dominant players, is expected to become the primary playmaker for the Bulls. He enters the last year of his contract, worth $8.3 million, and is eligible for an extension up to five years. The Bulls hope Giddey can lead their offense, allowing other players like Kobe White to play off the ball.

Impact on Oklahoma City Thunder

Alex Caruso, known for his defensive prowess, joins the Thunder, bringing his skills to a team that already has strong defensive players. Caruso’s contract is expiring but he is eligible for an extension. His current deal is $9.46 million for this year, with the potential for a new four-year deal worth up to $79 million. The Thunder’s financial position allows them to accommodate Caruso’s contract without significant strain.

Financial and Strategic Considerations

Marks highlights that Caruso’s presence will be less costly for the Thunder compared to what Giddey’s extension might have required. For Chicago, Giddey’s addition addresses their need for a primary ball handler, especially as they contemplate future roster moves involving key players like Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan.

Future Prospects for Both Teams

The Thunder, with significant cap space and draft picks, are well-positioned to continue building their roster. For the Bulls, this trade is likely the first of several moves aimed at reshaping their team, especially given their front court needs and salary cap considerations.


This trade marks an important shift for both the Bulls and the Thunder, with each team looking to maximize their new acquisitions’ strengths. The coming months will reveal how these changes impact their respective performances on the court.


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