Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard Under Federal Investigation for Ties to Bribery-Linked Contractor (Video)

Background on Corruption in Chicago Politics

Chicago politics has long been marred by corruption, with numerous aldermen and officials convicted of crimes related to their official duties. Examples include Willie Cochran, Isaac Carothers, Arenda Troutman, Sandy Jackson, Ricardo Munoz, and former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Current Investigation into Mayor Tiffany Henyard

Federal investigators are now focusing on Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard for her ties to Oak Construction, a company linked to multiple corruption cases. Oak Construction, led by Alex Nitchoff, received over $200,000 from the Village of Dolton for no-bid, no-contract work.

Oak Construction and Nitchoff’s Background

Alex Nitchoff, awaiting sentencing for bribing a Cook County assessor’s office employee, has a history of corruption linked to his family’s business dealings. His father, Boris Nitchoff, engaged in a scheme to clear substantial unpaid property taxes through bribery.

Controversial Payments and No-Bid Contracts

At Mayor Henyard’s urging, Dolton paid Oak Construction for work on senior homeowners’ roofs and windows without following the standard bidding process. Federal investigators are seeking records related to these payments and the construction work.

Allegations of Misconduct and Financial Mismanagement

Henyard is also under scrutiny for financing her non-profit, Tiffany Cares Foundation, using township money. This foundation has been barred from fundraising due to failure to submit required documentation. Federal subpoenas issued to Dolton and Thornton Township seek spending records, including those related to a trip Henyard took to Springfield for a breast cancer bill promotion.

Connections to Other Corrupt Figures

Numerous individuals connected to Henyard, including her boyfriend Kamal Woods and advisor Keith Freeman, are implicated in various corruption and fraud cases. Freeman is charged with bankruptcy fraud for underreporting income and not disclosing claims against him.

Legal and Financial Ramifications

The investigation includes examining the leasing of municipal vehicles from a Northfield company with a history of fraud. Dolton’s controversial decision to lease a Chevrolet Tahoe for Henyard without board approval has also raised concerns.

Community and Legal Reactions

The ongoing investigation has led to lawsuits and demands for transparency from Dolton residents and officials. Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been hired to conduct an independent investigation, though federal authorities continue their probe into Henyard’s activities.

This unfolding story highlights the deep-rooted issues of corruption and financial mismanagement within Dolton’s administration, with potential significant legal consequences for those involved.


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