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Car Break-Ins and Thefts at Gated Apartment Complex Near Las Vegas Strip Leave Residents on Edge (Video)

Ongoing Battle for Car Safety

Residents of Alisan at the Palms Apartments, located near the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, have been facing an ongoing struggle to keep their vehicles safe. Despite being a gated garage complex, the area has seen several reports of car break-ins and thefts.

Resident Experiences

Ryan Corino, who moved to the complex two weeks ago, shared his experience of having his catalytic converter stolen. He parked his car in the morning, and by early evening, the part was gone. He reported the theft to both the security team and the police.

Another resident, Christy Anie, had her Jeep broken into two weeks ago. She believes that the club on her steering wheel deterred the thieves from stealing her car entirely.

Security Concerns

While the ground level of the garage has security cameras, there are none on the upper levels where the thefts are occurring. Residents have expressed frustration with the complex’s management, stating that after initial incidents, security presence increases briefly but then wanes.

Suspected Inside Job

Several residents suspect that the thefts might be an inside job, as the perpetrators seem to be familiar with the parking patterns within the garage. This suspicion arises from the consistency and specific locations of the thefts.

Official Response

The property officials and the security team managing the parking garage have yet to respond to inquiries regarding the incidents. Meanwhile, Metro police report a 3% decrease in car thefts in the Central Valley from the same time last year.

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