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More Homeowners Come Forward in Property Fraud Case (Video)


A recent property fraud case involving a married couple in Hillsborough County has drawn significant attention. The homeowners involved in the case have highlighted the importance of the county’s free alert system, which has seen a substantial increase in sign-ups following the news coverage.

Arrests and Charges

Victor Rodriguez and his current wife were arrested, facing charges related to property fraud in Hillsborough County. Court documents reveal that Rodriguez is also implicated in Miami-Dade County, where new victims allege he attempted to take ownership of their properties using fraudulent quitclaim deeds.

Victim Testimony

Carolina Sauer, a Miami resident and Rodriguez’s ex-wife, discovered suspicious changes to the titles of her deceased father’s properties. She and her family questioned the authenticity of the documents, finding multiple forged deeds allegedly involving Sauer’s father and Rodriguez. The fraudulent documents required only a notary and two signatures, making them relatively easy to forge.

Legal and Financial Impact

Sauer’s family has been fighting Rodriguez in court, incurring significant legal expenses. They hired a handwriting expert to contest the forged signatures and continue to battle for the preservation of her father’s legacy. The emotional toll on the family has been substantial.

Legislative Response

Hillsborough County officials are pushing for tougher legislation to combat property fraud, emphasizing the need for vigilance in detecting suspicious documents. The county’s clerks are trained to look for red flags such as misspelled names and non-existent addresses.

Public Awareness and Prevention

Following the news coverage, approximately 1300 people signed up for Hillsborough County’s property fraud alert system. This free service notifies property owners whenever a document is filed against their property, helping to prevent fraudulent activity.

Ongoing Developments

Rodriguez’s current wife, also arrested and named in Miami-Dade court records, is working with her attorney to provide a statement. The case continues to unfold, with further updates expected as more homeowners come forward with allegations of property fraud.

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