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Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain Vandalized by Protesters (Video)

Iconic Fountain Closed Indefinitely

Chicago, IL – Chicago’s renowned Buckingham Fountain has been closed indefinitely following an act of vandalism by protesters. The fountain, a significant landmark in Grant Park, was found with its water dyed blood red and the surrounding bricks spray-painted with messages.

Details of the Incident

The vandalism occurred overnight, with staff discovering the damage early in the morning. The messages sprayed on the bricks included “Stop Genocide” and “Free Gaza.” These have since been removed. The fountain is typically turned on by staff around 9:00 a.m., but the discovery of the vandalism led to its closure.

Efforts to Restore the Fountain

Staff have been working to clean the fountain by draining it past the halfway point. Despite these efforts, the red color of the water remains strong. There is concern that the substance used could cause permanent damage to the structure, prompting the decision to keep the fountain off until the issue is resolved.

Impact on Tourists and Residents

The closure and the unexpected sight of the red water have caused confusion and disappointment among tourists and residents. Many visitors, expecting to see the fountain in its usual state, were taken aback by the change. Some expressed sympathy for the protesters’ cause but disapproved of the method used.

Investigation and Next Steps

A water sample has been collected and sent to an environmental team for analysis. As of now, there is no information on what substance caused the red coloration. The fountain will remain closed until it can be safely restored to its normal condition.

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