Surveillance Video Released in Murder of Retired Chicago Police Officer (Video)


Chicago Police have released surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the suspects involved in the murder of a retired Chicago Police officer.

Surveillance Video Details

The footage, which was released by the Chicago Police Department, shows two men in an alley near the scene of the crime. This video is a critical piece of evidence that authorities hope will lead to the identification and apprehension of the suspects.

Incident Overview

The victim, a retired Chicago Police officer, was tragically killed in an alley. The exact time of the incident aligns closely with the moments captured in the surveillance footage, highlighting the presence of the two men near the crime scene.

Police Efforts

Police are actively investigating the case and are using the surveillance footage as a key element in their efforts. They have made a public appeal for anyone who recognizes the individuals in the video to come forward with information. The authorities are urging the community to assist in their search for justice.

Contact Information

Citizens with information are encouraged to contact the Chicago Police Department. Additionally, tips can be submitted anonymously through available services, ensuring that those who wish to remain confidential can still contribute to the investigation.


The release of the surveillance video marks a significant step in the investigation. The Chicago Police Department remains dedicated to finding the suspects and ensuring they are brought to justice. The community’s assistance is vital in solving this case and honoring the memory of the retired officer.


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