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Increase in Car Thefts Gives Resurgence to Popular Devices (video)

Auto theft has escalated significantly across various regions, posing a major challenge to law enforcement and vehicle owners alike.

Detective Reveals Shocking Increase in Car Thefts!

As reported, instances of auto theft have surged from 800 to over 4,000 annually in certain areas, indicating a troubling trend that affects countless individuals each day.

Federal Government’s Response to Auto Theft

In response to the rising auto theft rates, the federal government has recently introduced an action plan.

This plan emphasizes stricter penalties for auto theft and provides additional resources to emergency responders and law enforcement agencies to better tackle these crimes.

The Mechanics of Relay Theft

One of the most sophisticated methods of auto theft is the relay theft, specifically the signal amplification relay attack (SARA). This technique involves two thieves working in coordination.

The first thief uses an electronic device to capture the signal from a car key fob within the victim’s home. This signal is then relayed to the second thief standing near the vehicle, allowing them to unlock and start the car without physical access to the key.

Prevention Techniques Against Auto Theft

To combat relay thefts, several preventive devices have been suggested. One such device is the Faraday pouch, which blocks the key fob’s signal from being transmitted outside, thus preventing it from being intercepted by thieves. These pouches are readily available online and are an affordable option for vehicle security.

Another traditional yet effective anti-theft device is the steering wheel lock. These locks attach to the steering wheel, making it difficult for thieves to steer the vehicle even if they manage to start it. Additionally, a diagnostic port lock can prevent thieves from reprogramming a new key for the stolen vehicle.

Technological Solutions and Tracking

For vehicle owners seeking more advanced solutions, GPS tracking devices, including commonly available products like Apple AirTags, offer a way to monitor a vehicle’s location. These devices can significantly aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles, providing law enforcement with real-time tracking information.


While no security measure is foolproof, combining several deterrents can significantly enhance vehicle security. The escalation in auto theft necessitates both heightened awareness from vehicle owners and proactive measures to safeguard their property.


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