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CTA Security Guard Gunned Down by Abusive Ex-Boyfriend (video)


China Mitchell, a 33-year-old CTA security guard and mother of three, was tragically shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend in January. Despite her efforts to seek protection from the legal system, her pleas went unanswered, ultimately leading to her untimely death.

Seeking Protection

China Mitchell had been in an abusive relationship with Louis Foster, who had a history of violence and criminal activity. In October, she sought an emergency order of protection after Foster beat and strangled her. Despite the protection order, the court failed to address Foster’s possession of firearms.

Ignored Warnings

Mitchell explicitly warned the court about Foster’s violent history and suicidal tendencies, requesting a warrant to seize his guns. The judge, however, did not address the issue of Foster’s firearms, leaving Mitchell vulnerable to further abuse. Foster, a felon with a prior gun charge, was not legally allowed to own a firearm.

Tragic Outcome

In January, Foster tracked Mitchell to a pawn shop, where he shot her twice, killing her. Mitchell’s three children, now orphaned, are being raised by her parents. Mitchell’s death highlights significant gaps in the legal system’s ability to protect domestic violence victims, particularly regarding firearm seizures.

Systemic Failures

An investigation revealed that over the past decade, nearly 112,000 emergency protection orders were granted in Cook County, yet only 85 gun seizure warrants were issued. The lack of proper tracking and enforcement of firearm removal from abusers leaves many victims in danger.

Legislative Inaction

Illinois has a murky legal landscape regarding emergency protection orders and gun seizures. A bill known as Karina’s Bill, named after another victim of domestic violence, has been stalled in Springfield for over a year. This legislation aims to clarify and strengthen the authority of judges to remove firearms from abusers.

Current Status

Louis Foster has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and being an armed habitual offender. The case continues to highlight the urgent need for legislative action to protect domestic violence victims and prevent further tragedies like China Mitchell’s.

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