Monday, July 15, 2024

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New Laws in Illinois Taking Effect on July 1st (video)

Minimum Wage Increase

Beginning July 1st, the minimum wage in Illinois will rise from $15.80 to $16.20 per hour. This increase is expected to benefit thousands of workers across the state, providing them with a higher base pay.

Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants in Illinois who have not yet applied for legal residency will be permitted to obtain a state driver’s license. Applicants must pass the driving test, have valid insurance, and prove they have lived in Illinois for at least a year.

Paid Leave Benefits

A new law will ensure that Illinois workers receive at least 10 days of paid leave each year. Additionally, workers who log at least 80 hours within a 120-day period will be guaranteed five days of paid leave and five days of sick leave.

Child Labor Laws for Social Media Influencers

Legislation specific to child social media influencers will entitle children featured in viral content to a share of the gross earnings. Parents will be required to maintain records of their child’s online appearances. Upon turning 18, the child influencer has the right to take legal action if they were featured in monetized content and not properly compensated.

Public Hearing for School Board Contracts

A new bill mandates that school boards must hold a public hearing before approving any contracts related to district-administered tests. This aims to increase transparency and community involvement in educational decisions.

Timely Payment for Freelancers

Companies in Illinois will now be required to pay freelancers on time. This law is designed to protect freelance workers and ensure they receive timely compensation for their work.

Increase in Higher Education Grants

A new law will increase grants for higher education in Illinois, providing more financial assistance to students pursuing higher education in the state.

State Gas Tax Hike

Starting July 1st, the state gas tax will increase by $0.47 per gallon, and for diesel, it will increase by $0.54 per gallon. This translates to an additional cost of approximately $184 per year for Illinois drivers.

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