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Damning Report Claims Biden “Shows Signs of Slipping” (Video)


A recent report published by “The Wall Street Journal” has sparked controversy and debate, revealing concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and ability to lead. This report, based on accounts from multiple sources, both Democrat and Republican, sheds light on Biden’s behavior and performance in private meetings.

Key Points from the Report

  • Sources and Observations: The report includes information from 45 sources who attended Biden’s private meetings with congressional leaders. Observations detail Biden’s reliance on note cards for obvious points, extended pauses, and frequent instances where he appeared disengaged or inattentive.
  • Public vs. Private Persona: The report highlights a stark contrast between Biden’s public appearances and his behavior behind closed doors. Public instances of Biden’s forgetfulness and confusion are juxtaposed with reports of him losing track of negotiations and requiring significant assistance to maintain focus during meetings.
  • Concerns Over Leadership: Critics argue that Biden’s cognitive decline may be impacting his leadership, creating crises in areas such as immigration and inflation. There is a growing perception that the White House is covering up Biden’s deficiencies, further eroding public trust.

Media and Political Reactions

  • Media Commentary: Conservative commentators on “The Five” discussed the implications of the report, questioning the timing and purpose behind its release. The panel suggested that the report might be a strategic move to undermine Biden and pave the way for alternative candidates, including Donald Trump.
  • Political Implications: Some political analysts believe that the report reflects broader concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s ability to run for re-election. The discussion also touches on the importance of Biden’s choice of Vice President, especially in light of the upcoming elections.

Public Perception and Future Prospects

  • Public Sentiment: Polls mentioned in the discussion indicate that a significant portion of Americans, including Democrats, believe Biden is too old to run for office again. The ongoing debate about his cognitive abilities could influence voter behavior and party dynamics.
  • Impact on Upcoming Elections: The report and ensuing discussions highlight the critical role of the upcoming presidential debates and the selection of running mates. Biden’s performance in public forums and the perceived competency of his Vice President could significantly impact his re-election prospects.


The revelations from “The Wall Street Journal” report have intensified the scrutiny on President Biden’s cognitive health and leadership capabilities. As the political landscape evolves, these concerns are likely to play a crucial role in shaping the narratives and strategies of both major parties leading up to the next election cycle.

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