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NYC Bodega Worker Shot; 2 Suspects Sought (Video)

Incident Overview

A bodega worker in the Bronx was shot in broad daylight, prompting an outcry from the United Bodegas of America about the NYPD’s handling of violent crimes in and around their shops.

Details of the Shooting

Police are searching for two men in connection with the shooting. The incident occurred at Mo’s Gourmet Deli on Webster Avenue. The altercation started when a client made a mess by taking ice out of a refrigerator. After being asked to clean it up and subsequently thrown out of the store, the client retrieved a handgun from his car and shot the clerk, Lewis. Lewis was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital and is in stable condition. The suspects fled northbound on Webster Avenue in a white vehicle.

Community Response

Fernando Mateo, a spokesman for the United Bodegas of America, expressed frustration over the increasing dangers faced by bodega workers. Mateo is advocating for the return of stop-and-frisk policies, more funding for surveillance cameras, panic buttons, bulletproof doors, and for arming bodega workers to ensure their safety.

Another Related Incident

In a separate incident on Monday night, a customer at a bodega on Broadway in Woodside, Queens, started knocking items off shelves. When confronted by the clerk, the suspect began punching and kicking him, causing serious injuries. The clerk is currently recovering at Elmhurst Hospital. The suspect, known to people in the area, has distinctly green hair.


Both incidents highlight the increasing violence faced by bodega workers in New York City, prompting calls for enhanced security measures and policy changes to protect these community cornerstones.

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