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Family Seeks Answers After Buying Stolen Car from Dealership (Video)

Discovery of Stolen Vehicle

A family discovered that the car they had purchased from a dealership turned out to be stolen. The revelation came when federal agents and highway patrol officers arrived at their home, informing them that their dream vehicle had been reported as stolen.

Initial Purchase and Unexpected Confiscation

The family bought the car from a Chevy dealership in February, and everything seemed fine until the previous week when law enforcement showed up at their door to confiscate the vehicle. The family was in shock and disbelief as they tried to process the situation.

Dealership’s Response

Upon being contacted by the family, the dealership claimed to have no prior knowledge that the car was stolen. Despite conducting a 172-point inspection, the dealership was surprised that the vehicle’s stolen status was not detected.

Struggles with Transportation

Following the confiscation, the family was left without a vehicle to transport their four children. The dealership did not initially offer a replacement vehicle, leaving the family stranded for four days.

Temporary Solution

After multiple follow-ups, the dealership finally provided the family with a temporary vehicle, a Tahoe. However, the situation remained highly disruptive for the family, emphasizing the challenges faced by a middle American family of six.

Ongoing Investigation

The dealership issued a statement explaining that stolen vehicles are listed in the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) database, but it remains unclear why this particular vehicle was not flagged. The dealership is investigating the incident and working to find a solution for the family.


The good news is that the family is no longer making payments on the stolen car. The dealership is working to find a similar replacement for the suburban they lost, providing some relief amidst the ongoing ordeal.

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