Five Sisters Indicted in Multi-State $1 Million Mail Fraud and Retail Scheme (Video)


Five sisters are facing serious federal charges, including mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud, with potential penalties of up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 fines for each count. The scheme, involving fraudulent returns, has spanned multiple states and resulted in substantial financial gains.

Details of the Scheme

The sisters would make online purchases and then initiate returns, using self-service kiosks at post offices to scan return labels and receive refunds without actually returning the items. They would then return the merchandise in person at various brick-and-mortar stores, securing a second fraudulent refund.

States Involved

The scheme extended across numerous states, including California, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Michigan. This extensive travel was likely an attempt to avoid detection.

Seized Assets

Federal agents, executing a search warrant, seized approximately half a million dollars in cash, half a million dollars worth of gold jewelry, five Tesla vehicles, and over $100,000 in merchandise from the involved retailer, which primarily sold activewear.

Court Proceedings

Four of the five sisters appeared in federal court, pleaded not guilty to the charges, and were released under conditions including the surrender of their passports. The fifth sister is scheduled for her arraignment and detention hearing shortly.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation continues as authorities gather more evidence and follow the legal proceedings closely.


The case against the five sisters highlights the complexity and scale of modern mail fraud schemes, as well as the significant resources required for federal investigations and prosecutions.


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