Firefighters Sound Alarm Over Mishandled Retirement and Health Benefits (Video)

Firefighters Demand Answers in Dolton

Firefighters in Dolton, Illinois, have raised serious concerns about the management of their retirement funds and health insurance. Adam Faric, a firefighter and union representative, expressed grievances regarding the misallocation of retirement funds and issues with health insurance premiums. Firefighters claim that money deducted from their paychecks for retirement is not being properly allocated, and health insurance premiums are not being received, resulting in denied claims.

Financial Transparency Issues

Trustee Britney Norwood has echoed these concerns, highlighting ongoing issues with financial transparency within the village administration. Norwood and her colleagues have been questioning the allocation of funds and fighting for transparency for the past three years.

Lack of Contract and Negotiation

Firefighters in Dolton have been working without a contract for nearly five years, and efforts to negotiate with the village have been met with resistance. Firefighters express their dedication to their community but are frustrated by the lack of support from the upper administration.

Federal Investigation and Lawsuits

Dolton’s Mayor, Tiffany Henyard, is at the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation and multiple lawsuits. Henyard, who also serves as the supervisor of Thornton Township, is facing scrutiny over the use of taxpayer dollars and allegations of mismanagement.

Controversy in Thornton Township

The controversy extends beyond Dolton, affecting other suburbs where Henyard holds a leadership role. Thornton Township, comprising 17 communities, is currently without an approved budget, causing concern among elected officials and residents. Questions have arisen about Henyard’s use of taxpayer dollars for personal expenses, including a makeup artist listed as an administrative assistant.

Trustee and Resident Reactions

Trustees and residents in Thornton Township have voiced their dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency and proper financial management. Alderman and residents have been vocal about their concerns, demanding oversight and accountability from Henyard’s administration.

Village Board Meeting Disruptions

Recent village board meetings in Dolton have been marked by chaos and police intervention. Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was involved in an investigation into Henyard’s administration, which has faced significant pushback. Residents and trustees continue to demand answers and action regarding the financial and administrative issues plaguing Dolton and Thornton Township.


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