Richard Pryor’s Bodyguard Reveals Why ‘Hollywood Blacks’ Struggle to Collaborate (Video)


In a candid interview, Richard Pryor’s bodyguard shed light on the dynamics and challenges that prevent black actors in Hollywood from working together. He highlighted the positions of influential actors like Will Smith and the barriers that exist, which include fear, ego, and systemic conditioning.

The Influence of Will Smith

Will Smith is seen as a figure who has the power to bring together prominent black actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Eddie Murphy. The bodyguard pointed out that Smith has the capability to collaborate with these stars without framing it as a pro-black movement. Instead, it could be seen as a strategic collaboration similar to how George Clooney worked with his friends on several projects.

The Missed Opportunities

The bodyguard noted that while such collaborations could yield significant benefits, they rarely happen. He referenced the success of the movie “Black Panther” as an example where black actors worked together and reaped substantial benefits. However, he emphasized that actors like Smith have the opportunity to initiate similar projects but often don’t.

The Fear and Ego Barrier

Fear and ego are major obstacles that prevent black actors from collaborating. The bodyguard described how the desire to be the best and to stand out as the top performer often hinders collective efforts. He explained that this mentality, which values individual success over group achievements, is a form of conditioning that needs to be overcome.

The Comparison to Other Collaborations

Using the example of George Clooney, who successfully collaborated with his friends on multiple movies, the bodyguard argued that black actors could adopt a similar approach. He urged influential actors to reach out and work together, leveraging their combined star power for mutual success.

Bill Cosby’s Legacy

The discussion also touched upon Bill Cosby’s legacy and how his actions have overshadowed his contributions. The bodyguard mentioned that Cosby’s involvement in collaborative projects, such as the Harlem Kings of Comedy, would have been unlikely due to various reasons including financial considerations and personal conduct.


The interview concluded with a call to action for black actors in Hollywood to set aside their fears and egos. By working together, they can create impactful projects and redefine success in the industry. The bodyguard’s insights provide a compelling argument for unity and collaboration among black actors.


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